Some links may be obsolete or not working.

2017-02-01 - DAV

Redesigned the site, because i can.

2016-01-15 - DAV

Still alive... [[BR]]It has been around 8 years since I stopped editing, no plans to go back to that. [[BR]]Meanwhile, fixed download links. All downloads should be working again.

2011-11-15 - DAV

Still alive and no editing news yet. Still busy with non-editing related projects.

2009-04-09 - DAV

No editing news yet. I am busy with non-editing related projects again... [[BR]]Meanwhile, my email address changed to: [[LK::EMAIL_DAV]].

2008-01-28 - DAV

Back to editing now and [[LK::DAVLVL_DAVSUBSOURCE]] is going to be moved to the OrangeBox engine. [[BR]]No dates to give but I am still working on it (after 3 years!).

2006-11-06 - DAV

Added a [[LK::DAVLVL_CONTACTS]] page...[[BR]]No news about [[LK::DAVLVL_DAVSUBSOURCE]] yet. I have been busy with non-editting related projects and I don't know when I will be able to get back to work on [[LK::DAVLVL_DAVSUBSOURCE]].

2006-01-03 - DAV

Updated the story of [[LK::DAVLVL_DAVSUBSOURCE]] in the [[LK::DAVLVL_HALFLIFE2]] Levels page...

2005-09-24 - DAV

Just added 2 screenshots and 2 panoramic views from [[LK::DAVLVL_DAVSUBSOURCE]] to the [[LK::DAVLVL_HALFLIFE2]] page... Enjoy!

2005-07-05 - DAV

A new interview has been posted at [[LK::MCRPXM]]. You can read it [[LK::MCRPXM_INTERVIEW]].[[BR]]Meanwhile, I am still working on [[LK::DAVLVL_DAVSUBSOURCE]]...

2005-02-11 - DAV

Still working on [[LK::DAVLVL_DAVSUBSOURCE]] but there is still much work to do... [[LK::DAVLVL_DAVSUBSOURCE]] will be a bit more then a simple port. Some areas will be converted, some will be enhanced while others will disappear completely.[[BR]][[LK::DAVLVL_DAVSUBSOURCE]] is being made for HL2 and that means that it will have the HL2 world as a base (HL2 enemies, vehicles, etc)...

2005-01-04 - DAV

[[EM::Azure Stand]] will be the sequel of [[LK::ASHEEP_SITE]] and [[LK::POV_SITE]].[[BR]]It will be a Single Player Only Mod for Half-Life 2 and you will be able to play as Xonxt (Alien Slave), Kate and Barney.[[BR]]The timeline will be during the 7 hours war (Combine invasion).[[BR]]No release date is set yet and, with the exception of the story, we didn't start working on it yet.[[BR]]Meanwhile I am working on porting [[LK::DAVLVL_DAVSUB]] to HL2...

2004-05-02 - DAV

No, I am not dead... Just waiting for Half-Life 2...