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2016/01/15 - DAV

Still alive...
It has been around 8 years since I stopped editing, no plans to go back to that.
Meanwhile, fixed download links. All downloads should be working again.

2011/11/15 - DAV

Still alive and no editting news yet. Still busy with non-editting related projects.

2009/04/09 - DAV

No editting news yet. I am busy with non-editting related projects again...
Meanwhile, my email address changed to: .

2008/01/28 - DAV

Back to editing now and DAVSub: Source is going to be moved to the OrangeBox engine.
No dates to give but I am still working on it (after 3 years!).

2006/11/6 - DAV

Added a contacts page...
No news about DAVSub: Source yet. I have been busy with non-editting related projects and I don't know when I will be able to get back to work on DAVSub: Source.

2006/1/3 - DAV

Updated the story of DAVSub: Source in the Half-Life 2 Levels page...

2005/9/24 - DAV

Just added 2 screenshots and 2 panoramic views from DAVSub: Source to the Half-Life 2 Levels page...


2005/7/5 - DAV

A new interview has been posted at MapCore/PixelMods. You can read it here.

Meanwhile, I am still working on DAVSub: Source...

2005/2/11 - DAV

Still working on DAVSub: Source but there is still much work to do... 

DAVSub: Source will be a bit more then a simple port. Some areas will be converted, some will be enhanced while others will disappear completely.
DAVSub: Source is being made for HL2 and that means that it will have the HL2 world as a base (HL2 enemies, vehicles, etc)...

2005/1/4 - DAV

Azure Stand will be the sequel of Point of View and Azure Sheep.
It will be a Single Player Only Mod for Half-Life 2 and you will be able to play as Xonxt (Alien Slave), Kate and Barney.
The timeline will be during the 7 hours war (Combine invasion).

No release date is set yet and, with the exception of the story, we didn't start working on it yet.

Meanwhile I am working on porting DAVSub to HL2... 

2004/5/2 - DAV

No, I am not dead... Just waiting for HL2...

2003/12/18 - DAV

With the latests changes/updates on Steam, you can play the Half-Life Levels on Steam.

2003/9/18 - DAV

The changes on the engine affected more then the Half-Life Levels and other SP mods, it affect HL Single Player also.

Valve will be fixing the bugs and problems in Steam/Half-Life version and hopefully soon or later it will be possible to run the Half-Life Levels on Half-Life version

Meanwhile, if you want to play the Half-Life Levels, play them on the version you had before installing Steam.

2003/9/16 - DAV

Half-Life Levels and Half-Life version

The recently released Half-Life version that comes with Steam haves allot of changes to the Half-Life engine that are not allowing some mods to run properly anymore.

If you want to be able to play the Half-Life Levels keep the version you have of Half-Life when installing/updating to Steam and play the Half-Life Levels on the version you had before Steam (I did that and works).

If you already installed Steam and removed the old version, then install Half-Life in a new directory, update it to version and install and play the Half-Life Levels using that install.

No patch is planned to move any of the Half-Life Levels to Half-Life version It is simply not possible to do a move every time that Valve releases a new version of Half-Life that breaks the compatibility between the new version and the older versions.

2003/5/13 - DAV

One more interview, about POV, with me was posted on OzCounterStrike. Read it here.

2003/5/12 - DAV

A new interview, about POV, with me and Toadman was posted recently.
You may read it on BlueWolf72 Interview, on Xtreme Gaming Radio Interview or on (same interview, diferent sites).

2003/5/2 - DAV

PointOfView is going to be released today! Be sure to check the PointOfView site for download links!

2003/1/29 - DAV

A update!? Not really, just to say (again) that work on PointOfView is still going...

2002/11/11 - DAV

Still working on PointOfView...
Meanwhile, if you didn't notice yet, the
Azure Sheep address and the PointOfView address are working again.

2002/10/5 - DAV

HalfLifeItalia, our host for POV and AzureSheep changed address...
That was not a big problem but by doing that they breaked the address that we had for Azure Sheep and POV!
And so, while the situation is not fixed, one way or another, please use this links instead of the ones you know: Azure Sheep (, POV (

2002/9/11 - DAV

Still working on PointOfView...
Meanwhile, a new interview was released at Millennium Team. It was done some mouths ago but only now it was posted. You can read it here.

2002/8/2 - DAV

Still working on PointOfView. The site was updated again, this time with more info about the MOD including the weapons that player will have and some of the used npcs.

2002/6/2 - DAV

Just updated the PointOfView site with new screenshots. Don't forget to check them out!

2002/4/25 - DAV

Half-Life version version was released recently. If you have any problems running the Half-Life Levels with that version don't forget to email me.

2002/3/14 - DAV

Crosshair of the The Test Chamber send me a email informing me that the site as been relaunched and that he made reviews for DAVHLPK1, DAVTrain and DAVSub (Half-Life Levels). You can read them here, here and here (all review are in German).
And I am still working on

2002/2/12 - DAV

Still working on PointOfView.
Meanwhile I made a new interview for Kennith. Read it here.

2002/1/3 - DAV

Azure Sheep received the Gold award for the best Half-Life SinglePlayer Mod of 2001 in the Plančte Mods 2001 Awards!
You can also check the full list of awards here.

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